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Srinivas Reddy Pocharam

మీ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ ఆధ్వర్యంలొ నియొజక వర్గం అభివ్రుద్ది జరిగిందని భావిస్తున్నారా? 1-5 మద్యలొ ఎంత రేటింగ్ ఇవ్వగలరు?
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వచ్చే ఎన్నికల్లొ మీ అభిమాన పార్టి నుండి Banswada ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ టికెట్ ఎవరికి ఇవ్వాలని కొరుకుంటున్నారు?
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Banswada M.L.A Ticket Aspirants
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Party: TRS
Contact No: 9440401527; 9984170007; 040-23450044
Qualification: 12th Pass
Email Id:

Personal Details

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy was born on 10-02-1949 in Nizamabad in the state of Telangana, India. He is an Indian Politician. He is with Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). He is a Member of the Legislative Assembly from Banswada constituency. He is the first Minister for Agriculture in Telangana State. He was married to Pushpa and has 4 children.

Assets : More than 48 Lac(s)
Age : 59
Profession : Agriculture
Educational Details : 12th Pass (B.E.ENGINEERING DIS CONTINUE)

Brief Details of IPCs
1 charges related to Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty (IPC Section-354)
1 charges related to Joining or continuing in unlawful assembly, knowing it has been commanded to disperse (IPC Section-145)
1 charges related to Omission to assist public servant when bound by law to give assistance (IPC Section-187)
1 charges related to Continuance of nuisance after injunction to discontinue (IPC Section-291)
1 charges related to wrongful restraint (IPC Section-341)
1 charges related to Criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication (IPC Section-507)

Political Career

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy is a politician in India. His party is the Telangana RashtraSamithi which is abbreviated as TRS. Reddy is the first Minister for Agriculture in his state as well as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. The TRS party has mainly one point which is an agenda of creating a separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital. The president and the leader of the party are KalvakuntlaChandrashekhar Rao. Headquarters of it are in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, and it was founded in April of 2001. The party has a newspaper which is called Namasthe Telangana.

The politician’s career started when he joined the Telugu Desam Party abbreviated TDP in 1984. He worked with the Telugu Desam Party for 27 years and was a minister twice in that government. He quit after 27 years with the TDP. In the year 1994, he won against the Banswada constituency with a majority of more than 57,000 votes.

In 2004, he lost against BajireddyGovardhan. In the year 2011, he joined the TRS party and resigned his MLA seat in the Telugu Desam Party. That year he won against SangamSrinivasgoud with a margin of greater than 49,000 votes. Srinivasgoud was an INC candidate. Then, in 2014, he was re-elected from the Banswada Assembly Constituency in the Telangana Assembly election. In June of 2014, he was made the Agriculture Minister of the state of Telangana.
మళ్ళీ మీ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ ని ఈ దఫా 2019 లొ ఎన్నుకొవాలని భావిస్తున్నరా? లెదా? ఐతె ఎందుకు..క్రింద ఉన్న కామెంట్ లొ వ్రాయండి.
మీ నియొజక వర్గం ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ పని తనానికి న్యాయ నిర్ణేతలు మీరె అవ్వండి.క్రింద ఉన్న మీ ఎం.ఎల్.ఎ ఫొటొ పైన క్లిక్ చెయండి.మార్కులు ఇవ్వండి.మీ నియొజక వర్గంలొ అభివ్రుద్ది జరిగిందొ,లేదో కామెంట్ లొ వ్రాయండి..
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